Impact of Increasing Social Media Usage Due to the Changing Need of Today

Every day, billions of people use social media throughout the world, and the number continues to rise. We all are using social media in several ways including personal connections, entertainment, employment, and education. Things, on the other hand, have changed considerably since the lockdown. According to our coronavirus research, slightly under half of the consumers … Read more

How many heroines were Introduced by Dr.Rajkumar Kannada

A popular film producer Dr. Rajkumar’s house banners  Poornima Enterprises and Vajreshwari Combines have introduced plenty of aspiring actresses. For many years, there are a lot of females who ruled in Industry at once is introduced by Rajkumar’s films. The actresses, who were seen on the Kannada silver screen for the first time, were able … Read more

Which Technologies is Used by Robot

Robotics is a field that combines most of the things in one including science, engineering, and technology. This combination is one of the greatest things to create devices called robots that do things like humans. In modern industry, robots are one of the important technology to have in each sector.  These exaggerated, humanoid robot concepts often appear … Read more

How sports generate ideas for education?

The Indian government realized the relevance of sports and education for youth development as early as 1984 when the National Sports Policy proposed making sports and physical education an integral element of the school curriculum. The National Sports Policy of 2011 emphasizes the importance of sports and physical education in creating increasing production, focus, and … Read more

How Many Top Tech Creator From India are on YouTube?

Vlogging is becoming increasingly popular in India across all types of businesses. There are billions of people who often come on Youtube to entertain or get knowledge from videos. Many Indian tech YouTube channels exist, and certain Tech Vloggers are well-known for providing knowledge to their followers. We shall learn about the Top Tech YouTube … Read more

How to Reduce the Learning Gaps in Education at School Level in India

Children have been studying far less since schools closed due to Covid-19, according to education sector reports. As we all know,  Covid-19 has had a worldwide influence.  Now there are claims that less than half of underprivileged primary school students school can read more than a few letters. There is 70 percent of a teacher … Read more