How to Lose Face Fat Naturally: 13 Facial Exercises Will Help You Get rid of Face Fat

The chiseled jawline is the need of the hour. To be honest, your face is a very important aspect of your overall personality. But it is also true that most of us are inert foodies who love food so the desire for a chiseled jawline requires a lot of effort to attain.

How to lose face fat is a very common internet search today, we all want a sharp jawline, not a double chin so all of us try really hard to lose that face fat. A fuller face helps you age gracefully, and makes you feel beautiful and youthful that’s why so many people work so hard to get those jawlines.

Let’s discuss what is actually this face fat when fatty tissue accumulates around the face giving it a rounder, chubby look. While those chubby cheeks look cute for those who want to attain that sharp jawline it is a tussle going on every day and night. From chewing gum all day to various exercises you can try to lose that face fat.

There are many exercises you can easily find on google with just one search of how to lose fact fat, but before you do that it is also important to understand what are the reasons which are behind this accumulation of fat.

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  1. One of the very common reasons for face fat is your overall weight, if you are overweight chances are that fat somehow will find its way to your face. When you start losing weight and start losing fat overall, your face fat will start decreasing.
  2. Poor unhealthy diet is also a very common reason for fat accumulation on your face, junk food is a big cause of double chin.
  3. Consuming too much alcohol can also cause a moon face.
  4. A poor sleeping schedule can result in a puffy face.
  5. A lack of necessary nutrients in your body can also cause fat accumulation on your face.
  6. Retention of water and constant dehydration causes fat faces too.
  7. Not moving after eating, make sure to always walk at least a little after you are eating.

Those are some of the reasons which help aid fat accumulation on the face. It is really hard to lose face fat. It is harder because you cannot hide it under the camouflage of clothes, the only way to hide the face fat is to lose the face fat. There are many activities, exercises, and dietary changes advised by doctors, nutritionists, and trainers on how to lose face fat. We have listed a few of them down here, read, try and see which ones work best for you.

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How to Lose Face Fat

1. Cut down on salt

The element Sodium that is present in salt is bad for you if you are trying to lose face fat or any other fat for that matter as it makes your body retain water rather than help lose it and that results in bloatedness. Try and cut down on food and drink items that are rich in salt.

2. Increase the amount of calcium in your body

Calcium helps reduce the water retention capacity of the body. Eat calcium-rich foods like sesame seeds, broccoli, spinach, fish such as sardines and pilchards, and dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. Eating these will always help you get your body in shape and lose face fat.

3. Start Eating healthy

Eating healthy is always a great option, it helps keep your body in shape and size, automatically reduces the intake of the wrong type of fats plus fuels you all day, and doesn’t make you feel hungry after every few hours. A healthy home-cooked meal is always better than the junk food available in the market. Change your eating habits. Swap refined, fried food with fresh fruits and vegetables, and nutrient-rich meals, and you will start seeing the changes.

4. Drink a lot of water

Water helps lose those kilos, quenches thirst, fills you up with energy, and helps improve your metabolism it has been found that many times when we feel those little hunger attacks we are actually craving hydration not eating. Next time you feel that little hunger attack reaches for a glass of water rather than a snack. It was found in research that people who drink more water close to 8-9 glasses minimum shed those extra kilos faster than those who don’t drink that much water throughout the day. Drinking less water also increases your body’s capacity for water retention.

5. Cardiovascular exercises

Cardio exercises of the low, medium or high intensity can do wonders for you in your fight to lose face fat. Exercises like running, and cycling generally get you breathing heavier, increases your heartbeat, and get your body warmed up and sweaty which results in you shedding those extra calories. Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to lose those extra calories and as we all know it always helps to lose those extra calories and kilos.

6. Stop your drinking and smoking binges

Smoking and drinking are never good when you are trying to lose that extra weight. Both these habits contribute to increasing weight rather than losing it. These habits anyways aren’t good for your body, these affect the working of some of the most important organs of the body. Hence not good.

7. Say no to sugar and to refined carbs

Refined carbs and sugar are full of calories without cutting back on them, losing fat can be a real headache. The best way to lose calories is not consuming them, as much as losing calories help lose face fat it works out even better if you don’t consume those calories in the first place. Chips, crackers, soft drinks, bread, white rice, pasta, and packaged goods do no good to your body instead it increases your body’s fat-storing capacity.

8. Replace refined carbs

Replace refined carbs with healthier options like legumes, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and other food items rich in fiber and nutrients. Doing this little swap will help you lose face fat really quickly.

9. Improve your sleeping pattern

Irregular sleep patterns can cause stress level hormones, cortisol to go up which can trigger irregular eating and sleeping patterns and increase your body and face fat. A good sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours helps your body recuperate from the day’s work and start fresh again the next day.

10. Do certain Exercises

Certain exercises like chin pull up, chin lift exercise, lip pull, fish lip, jaw release, and mouthwash exercise can help tone the muscles around your face and help lose face fat. These exercises help shape up your jawline and cheeks giving you a much-desired face cut.

11. Consult a trainer

Make sure to consult a trainer or to check out the videos on youtube of the exercises before you try them. It is very important to do the exercise the right way so you can get the desired benefit out of it.

12. Chew gum

Chewing gum works up your facial muscles helping your face lose face fat. Chewing gum for at least 20- 30 mins a day can help tone those facial muscles and cut down those chubby cheeks.

13. Mineral wrap

Mineral wraps contain essential oils found in baby oil and vaseline which are almost essential not just for losing the face fat but also for a sharp jawline and also help keep your face moisturized. Start by trying it out once a week and see if it works for you, keep it on for 40-45 mins then rinse.


Losing fat from any part of your body requires a lot of effort and work and it takes time. So when you are trying to tone up or tone down be patient, try different things and see what works for you. Not everything works for everyone, create your own custom routine and diet but then follow it religiously. You will start seeing the results and you will lose that face fat. Don’t give up and all the best on your journey.

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