8 Steps to do Hair Smoothening at Home Naturally

Can you do hair smoothening at home? Is it possible to make your hair smooth, straight, and silky like they do in salons? This is one of the highest haircare-related searches on Google today. Hair smoothening is a chemical process that involves using formaldehyde solution for saturating the hair, the solution is then left to be dried, once it dries out, hair is then locked in a straight position with the help of a flat iron.

The question is can we do hair smoothening at home, which is a chemical process that needs to be implemented with utmost care. The answer is yes, there are some hacks that you can do at home to turn those wavy, frizzy hair into smooth, and silky tresses. The success of this enterprise though will depend on the products used, the quality of your hair, and your hair type also. For extremely curly hair it is advised to go with hair straightening instead of smoothening.

Many might confuse hair straightening (permanent one) with hair smoothening, but they are not. They are both chemical processes and they both make your hair straight but how they do it is what makes them different. Smoothening uses chemicals to saturate, dry, and then straighten the hair with the help of a flat iron. Whereas in straightening the structure of hair is reconstructed with the help of chemicals, the old existing bonds of hair shafts are broken and restructured with the application of heat, then finally these newly formed bonds are sealed in with the help of more chemicals.

Hair smoothening at home can be dangerous as formaldehyde can be extremely dangerous if not handled with care, it could lead to eyes, skin as well as respiratory diseases. It could even lead to cancer and leukemia, that’s why it is recommended to get it done by a professional.

This article will cover steps and hacks on how to do hair smoothening at home, precautions to take, and how to do it correctly without any side effects.

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How to do Hair smoothening at Home

Before starting the process it is really important to do your research about the product, your hair type, ingredients in the product. Be aware of low-cost products, read carefully the instructions and how long to keep the product in your hair, and how to care for the hair after the process is done.

Smoothening is a short-term solution keep that in mind, if you want a long-term solution opt for hair straightening instead. This article will show you a way of doing hair smoothening at home without much hassle, things you will need to do hair smoothening at home are – keratin solution, mild shampoo, blow dryer, hair mask, a wide-tooth comb, and flat iron.

  1. To begin the process wash your hair with a mild shampoo but do not condition afterward. With the help of the blow dryer make sure to dry your hair completely, there shouldn’t be any moisture left in your hair.
  2. Now the next step involves parting the hair in four parts, you can use pins or clips. Make sure the sections are well parted and equal in size.
  3. The next step involves applying keratin solution to these four sections. Take a bit of keratin solution and start applying it generously on all the parted sections. Use the comb to spread it out evenly on the whole head, make sure to cover every strand of hair with the solution.
  4. Once you are done applying the solution, keep combing after every 7-8 minutes to make sure the solution spreads out evenly on the head. Keep the solution for 25-30 minutes on the hair.
  5. After 30 minutes wash your hair and blow-dry again to get rid of all the moisture present in the hair.
  6. Now next is the hair mask, apply the hair mask (of your choice) and leave it on for 20 minutes. If you want you can cover your head with a shower cap to lock in the goodness of the mask.
  7. After 20 minutes rinse your hair with lukewarm water and blow-dry again.
  8. The last step is flat ironing your hair 8-10 times to make sure the effects of the solution get locked in. Once you get the desired texture and shine stop with the flat iron.

This process described can be done easily at home with a single person only, just make sure to follow the steps and to be careful. It may not stay straight as long as the ones were done by professionals at a salon, but it will be much cheaper and by following these steps you can do hair smoothening at home as many times as you want.

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