Is Power Yoga better than Yoga? Benefits of Power Yoga

As the name suggests Power yoga is yoga taken up a notch, it is a vigorous, fitness-focused approach to the traditional vinyasa style of yoga. Is power Yoga better than Yoga? Power yoga can be beneficial if you are trying to shed those extra pounds. In just a matter of weeks, you will start witnessing the benefits of power yoga for weight loss. While yoga focuses on achieving mental calmness, internal and external stability through physical activities, power yoga focuses on vigorous physical activities to boost fitness.

Power yoga was initially designed as the gateway yoga for fitness enthusiasts where people would come for muscles and abs but ultimately end up staying for the deeper prospects and calmness of yoga. Cardio and speed are two of the major components of power yoga, two huge benefits of power yoga for weight loss. Power yoga includes the use of Ashtangas and a series of different poses done rhythmically in a sequence, every power yoga is different from the other, every teacher can design his or her sequence and poses they want to focus on improving strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Power yoga differs from regular yoga like the speed at which it is done, it involves quick movements, transitions, cardio, and many other such physical activities which get the heart racing and the person sweating. Yoga is focused on including mental aspects of a person in the activity they are doing, during power yoga the major focus is on body movements and physical aspects more than the mental aspect. One of the biggest benefits of power yoga for weight loss is the speed and vigorousness with which it is done, it ensures a high fitness level.

This article will cover some of the benefits of power yoga for weight loss and how it can help transform your physical body and strength.

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Is power Yoga better than Yoga? Benefits of Power Yoga

  • Power yoga involves a high-intensity workout, lots of movement, and sweating all the factors vital for weight loss. Power yoga can burn a lot of calories in one go which is always welcome when trying to lose some weight.
  • Power yoga can help improve your body’s metabolism, when your body’s metabolism improves your body’s internal and external working improves. Improvement in metabolism can make you more active and burn more calories.
  • Power yoga helps relieve stress, tension and helps improve focus. Stress can be a major contributor to the increasing weight and could also hamper other activities of the body. Stress can make a person mentally and physically weak but with the help of power yoga, you can easily get rid of this.
  • Power yoga can help strengthen your glutes giving them that desired flexibility and strength, it can also work wonders on your other inactive muscles and help make them stronger.
  • Two sessions of power yoga per week will help you lose more weight than say cardio would. Don’t get me wrong cardio helps burn more calories but it doesn’t help in toning your body. Power yoga can help tone your body, strengthen your core.
  • Power yoga can help maintain the cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can cause inflammation in the body and help retain extra weight, with the help of power yoga cortisol levels can be maintained and so can the extra body weight.
  • Since it involves many quick movements and different asanas it helps build up your stamina and flexibility of the body.
  • Power yoga is a sub-branch of yoga it involves all the basic principles of yoga and combines it with speed and increased focus on improving the core strength. It will be tough at the start, the speed and different asanas take time to get hang of but with consistency and perseverance in just a matter of weeks, the benefits of power yoga for weight loss start to appear. Take it slow don’t try to do too much too soon take it one step at a time and you should be good to go.

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